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If you provide Internet, telephone or cable television services as well as represent the municipal service or other organization which provides public services, we are delighted to offer you mutually fruitful partnership. Having provided an opportunity to be paid via self-serviced kiosk of the NT.PAYMENTS payment system, you will have a significant competitive advantage — your customers will be able, without standing for hours in a line, close to their home or work make a payment to your advantage.

If you are an owner of the online store, thanks to the self-serviced kiosks NT.PAYMENTS you can offer your customers a great opportunity to pay for goods through the payment terminal. Your customers will be able to pay the bills issued in your online store rapidly, conveniently and without a necessity to wait in lines.

If you are a representative of the trade and service company, you can offer your customers to pay for your services or issued invoices on them via the self-serviced payment kiosk. Rapidly, reliably, without a need to wait in lines, conveniently for you and for your clients.

Self-service kiosks of the NT.PAYMENTS payment system are a great advertising medium. You can post your advertisement not only on a special advertisement display of the terminal, but on a main touchscreen display as well, which will allow the users to not only find out about your offer, but also to choose, order and pay the advertised goods or services. 

If you are a landlord or an owner of a premise with a great attendance, such as a store, an office building, a movie theatre, a business centre or a hotel, you can generate revenue from the free area. Even if it does not exceed one square meter, just having set a payment kiosk, you will not only increase the loyalty of your permanent clients and obtain new ones, but also receive the profit from the kiosk located on your premises.

If you are attracted by the possibility to obtain a high and stable income within a flexible work schedule, we are pleased to offer you cooperation with us — a major franchise Taunigma company. Promote our products and effective business solutions and receive the profit not only from their sales but as well as from their work. 

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